Updating restore ramdisk fail pwnagetool

Only registered members may post questions, contact other members or search our database of over 8 million posts.Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free so please - Click to REGISTER!The error may be bypassed (restart and do exit recovery) but you probably need to re-update it one more time - Sufficient power/voltage not present to finish software operation.

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SSH, i Phone Explorer/Browser, etc and i Tunes restore are the normal methods to either restore or to gain access to a non-bootable device and implement a fix. 6b: itunnel_mux --kernelcache kernelcache.release.n88 --devicetree Device Tree.n88ap.img3 --ramdisk 038-0082-001ssh 7: execute itunnel_to forward SSH connection to the USB (does not terminate): itunnel_mux --lport 22 ------------Displayed by itunnel_mux---------------------------- ...[INFO] Waiting for new TCP connection on port 22 ...[INFO] Waiting for device ... Create/start an SSH session (I use Cygwin for ssh) ssh [email protected] -p 22 Note: If 1st log-in, a new RSA certificate will be generated.This is an alternative approach when the normal methods don't work and all else fails. It uses this reference as THE source (Mostly i Phone hacking: Booting SSH ramdisk on new devices), adds changes for i OS 4.2.1 and lots of clarification. Purpose: Acquire SSH access to the root and user filesystems, modify and/or delete the offending program, and reboot without any damage or noticeable change. It builds a new ramdisk with SSH included, uses current jb'ing exploits to download the ramdisk and access the i Device. ...[INFO] Device connected: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx .............. more messages after a connection is made ........... Enter 'yes' to accept 11: Enter password: alpine 12: This is your logged in prompt: Note1: itunnel_mux window: [INFO] Device connected ..... my i P4 is stuck on a boot loop, ive tried every possible solution out there besides a restore, which i dont wanna do because ill lose all my photos etc..It requires technical knowledge, significant computer and i Phone experience, and is NOT for the beginner or the faint of heart. Note2: After the connection, the 3GS screen will change to totally white Note3: If no ssh response/message from either window, check local firewall settings Mount / (root) filesystem (contains system settings & files, Mobile Substrate dylibs, etc) 13: -sh-4.0# fsck_hfs /dev/disk0s1 14: -sh-4.0# mount_hfs /dev/disk0s1 /mnt1/ Mount /usr filesystem (everything else, IE: music, media, photos, apps, data, etc) 15: -sh-4.0# fsck_hfs /dev/disk0s2s1 16: -sh-4.0# mount_hfs /dev/disk0s2s1 /mnt2/ To set the path correctly so you can easily navigate the filesystem: 17: -sh-4.0# PATH=$PATH\:/mnt1/bin Congratulations, you now have full root access Up to this point, After you're done messing around, play it safe - execute: sync; sync; sync This will flush any pending filesystem writes. im gonna give this a shot tomorrow and see if i can get to the filesystem.- There is not enough power to finish software operation.Check battery and it way, charging ic, sensor cables. Remove board from housing, only put battery and charging/dock flex cable and try to restore software. Either remove the gs.entry from your hosts file and let the baseband upgrade or if you want to preserve the baseband just jailbreak at this point to boot it up.After that the kernel can protect the rest it loads. The Restore process is performed by this ramdisk/kernel combination Vortually impossible to brick the i Phone due to corruption of non-volatile data under normal circumstances.


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