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Soon after, she and Elise Wells spot Asher delivering his dogs to be walked by someone else and realize he owns the dogs. They make plans for a lunch date in the park, but Rufus Humphrey forbids her to go; due to her still being grounded after the events of her birthday.

After she cancels, Asher shows up at the loft with a bag of hot dogs so they can still hang out.

As shooting breaks for lunch, the sound-stage doors open and Asher emerges.

She wears a wide-brimmed, brown lace hat over her flaming red hair, her eyes are the clearest blue, her lipstick a vivid scarlet.

"One of the lines now is, 'Little Miss Perfect confesses: 'I've got a messy kitchen.' " You can't win. "Celebrity literally means celebrated and well-known, so the fact that someone has to ask you if you are one means that, by definition, you are not." Her point is wittily made, but it bears no relation whatever to the truth of Jane Asher's life.

At 58, she has not the faintest trace of a flabby arm, saggy jaw or baggy eye.In All About My Brother, Asher and Jenny have officially started dating.They're moving quickly, and Dan Humphrey voices his concerns to Serena van der Woodsen, who encourages him to get to know Asher.It is also mentioned in 2 Samuel -27 as containing the Song or Lament of the Bow, that mournful funeral song which David composed at the time of the death of Saul and Jonathan.The question is, if the Book of Jasher is mentioned in the Bible, why was it left out of the canon of Scripture?That night, he and Jenny plan to co-host a party at his house together.


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