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¿Estás harto o harta de estar solo o sola y necesitas encontrar a esa persona con la que compartir tu vida?

Pues no te preocupes, en tenemos la solución que tanto estabas esperando. Nuestro chat es el único en el que no tienes que estar registrado para chatear, es decir, entras, escoges el apodo que más te represente, escoges la sala y, a partir de ahí, comienzas a interactuar con el resto de usuarios.

his Friday, 7 September Pete Travis’ eagerly anticipated cinematic adaptation of 2000 AD’s futurism science fiction character Judge Dredd or DREDD as it is now known will be unleashed into cinemas. It may be show BUSINESS but we seem to be in the throes of an age where film makers not only understand what key audiences want but can choose to act on it, as opposed to watering down stories to suit everyone they can choose, albeit a risky choice, to create art for people who will appreciate it.

And much like the way Alex Garland & Danny Boyle updated the Zombie genre with 28 Days Later I am hoping that with Alex Garland writing and the very visual Pete Travis Directing that DREDD sets itself apart and is one of those films that defines itself rather than letting audiences define it.

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