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To President Krislov; trustees, deans, faculty and staff of Oberlin; and most importantly, to the Class of 2017: Congratulations! And while you all worked hard to get here, plenty of other people helped along the way. They instill the sense of empathy that binds us together—that keeps us together. At the close of the constitutional convention, 230 years ago, someone approached him and asked: “Well, Mr.So, graduates, let’s show our appreciation for your friends, and family, and teachers, and loved ones. As some of you might know, 100 years ago, on a magnificent day like this, the incredible Allen Memorial Art Museum opened here at Oberlin. Without the arts, we are without the tools to develop empathy. Franklin, what have we got: A republic or a monarchy?

One key statistic is how many colleges make arrests for alcohol or drug violations compared to referring students for disciplinary action.Though the results are limited by the population on Facebook and how diligently users update their relationship statuses, people clearly are still meeting their future partners in college.That doesn't necessarily mean college students are marrying straight after graduation."I think it's about who we connect with through the technology, what events and parties we even go to once we move away from college," says Michelle Golland, a relationship expert and practicing clinical psychologist based in Los Angeles. A lot of my 20-somethings are going on dates with people who end up being friends of friends on Facebook."Religious colleges make up a significant proportion of the top 25 "marrying" colleges for both men and women.Most colleges refer those cases for discipline, but Kent State University makes arrests, according to statistics.Following are summaries of crimes reported on local campuses.“I f people not from that heritage take food, modify it and serve it as ‘authentic,’ it is appropriative,” she said.


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