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Their loving, warm nature makes them excellent home-makers, and they will consider it their duty to make you feel cozy and protected like no one else. The phrase 'bull-headed' finally explains itself, when you're stuck in an argument with this zodiac sign.

They have excelled in incomprehensibly, legendary levels of stubbornness, and you will inevitably have to let it pass!

There's a good chance they can cook like nobody's business, but even if they can't, they know how to make mac and cheese like a boss.Think slow and easy with this one, perhaps suggesting a relaxed picnic lunch at the beach or park.They’re notable eaters from the down home type to the gourmand, so trying out several restaurants can keep you busy for a while.They will not easily let you in during those times, and can stoop down to damaging their self-esteem to a whole other level.2.Taurus (April 20-May 20) You will never miss your family, or 'home' if you're going out with a Taurean.Look into the true potential of you and your partner now with a Relationship Potentials Tarot reading! You're both hot-headed, want your way, and tend to blame the other person when things go wrong. One of you will have to become the "stable one" and cultivate a home life, or you may not stay together long enough or go deep enough emotionally to put down roots.


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